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Statoil Lubricants is a Scandinavian company specialising in lubricants, from the molecular level to ready-to-use solutions.

Costex Tractor Parts CTP

Costex Tractor Parts CTP® is a worldwide quality supplier of new replacement parts for Caterpillar® Equipment.


SNA Europe is the premier pan-European manufacturer of hand tools and saws, part of Snap-on Incorporated.

Oil change point

Our qualified specialists will check and, if necessary, will change oils and filters of your car.

Automobile repair shop

We provide maintenance of foreign cars, as well as inspection and partial repair of engines.We maintain, diagnose and repair all types of cars.

Tires & Rims Services

Filling, repair and re-balancing of tires, as well as repair of wheel rims.

Reserve car repair service

Only 4 simple steps and your car will be repaired in a short time.

1. Please call us
1. Please call us
2. Check the price
2. Check the price
3. Reserve a specialist
3. Reserve a specialist
4. Get your repaired car
4. Get your repaired car

Dzilli Group

Honesty, Reliability, Confidence

The diversity of equipment, tools, oils and filters provided by the company will help the customers to solve any type of technical problems. Apart from being a supplier, the company has the experience in offering complex solutions and providing services of a highly professional crew.

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